so the weekend IT list:

- friday = show at Lit with an all-girl Devo cover band, called Deva.
- saturday = Parts & Labor playing with Ian MacKaye's new band The Evens at the East River Bandshell from 2-6, for FREE (courtesy of the East River Music Project).
- sunday = early Japanther and Aa loft show in the mckibben dorms. info here. and Big Blue Kickball sunday night at mckarren park, starting around 9:30 pm. and when the first game or two are over, you can ride home and watch some friends of mine makes asses of themselves in an RV on PBS (12:30 am). it will actually be an interesting show/doc, but i have to make fun of them. . . otherwise i would be out of character.

there is also a street art walking tour on saturday and sunday (2 pm) hosted by The Wooster Collective, however i was told you had to rsvp otherwise you were out of luck. but it seems they've just given up on that idea now. so go to this on sunday before the Japanther show. win win.

oh yeah, and this is what happens when a porn-referring website links to your measly lil' photo website. in fact, it's gonna get ofquiet.com shut down until the billing cycle rolls over. so yeah, thanks a lot.



and since The Evens are playing this saturday, here's a sample from their album to help you decide if you are psyched or trepidatious about going to the show. although outdoors, on the river, with Parts & Labor, for FREE? i'm not sure of a better way to spend your saturday afternoon regardless.

• The Evens - Sara Lee

buy music, especially independent.


  1. samanthalynn5/20/2005 10:39 AM

    also tell everyone you know to watch me on tv sunday night/monday am...
    in ny and la on their local pbs affiliate (here it is 13 and 21) at 12:30am...
    we need good ratings so the pbs people love us...


  2. hey what about the wooster street art walking tour? not on the hitlist? and the hitlist is my thing dude. i'm just gonna jack your whole thing so ha.

  3. i definitely thought the headline was "burnin' bridges to cook your face" at first. ha.

  4. hey face cooker. thanks. you DON'T need to rsvp anymore.

  5. I really want to start an elastica cover band called 'elastico' and play with those devo chix


  6. um. to the guy behind the sucka mask who pays no attention. dorothy here. me and toto would like to remind you that we'd like our ten bucks back. "hit list" is the same as "listings recap" http://antleredlife.blogspot.com/2005/05/holy-freakin-recaps-psa.html

    just to letcha know, i been doin' it for a minute. here's the official announcement though:

    just to let you know. from now on, on friday afternoons, probably around 4pm but maybe as late as 5pm I will post a well-ordered, curated, chronological recap listing of the weekend's upcoming events which i think are great. They will be art (often street art), music, bicycle, film, and generally get down related.
    i noticed that i have been doing this anyway (see here and here) so now i will do it more regularly. and if i slack, there's always the behe-ma-mother of listers, trudat and sara cardace's manic mess is good too. and please send stuff my way if you know of good happenings.
    i will also do it all week. but friday usually holds lotsa good shit.
    hugs and rainbow pillows,

  7. i was just fixing it as you posted.

  8. still no use of the term "hit list."

  9. so did you ask indienudes to take you off?

  10. hmmm, i don't know why this isn't making sense.

    "same idea" as ephemeroi perhaps?

    the idea itself is not the issue, the claiming of the phrase "the hit list" is. at least that's what i've been talking about.

    and i even changed mine so you could use it if you wanted. damn, what more do you want from me? my fingers are already bleeding. . .

  11. yes, and they did, and they almost seemed like i hurt their feelings or something.

  12. samanthalynn5/20/2005 4:26 PM

    you made fun of us, because making fun of each other is what you and i do...
    but out of love always.

  13. meh. sucka. mine's curated. it's a blog, it's not like trudy's massive, uber-comprehensive thing. whatever. snaker. i don't care about your damn terminology. anyway, my shit kicked your shit's electronic ass anyway. i'm so over it.

  14. didn't realize you'd linked to me. that's nice.