okay, you all can stop pestering me now. the "whos who" gallery on ofquiet.com has been updated. so please, stop with the 4 am phone calls. really.

and i got clipped by a livery cab's sideview mirror on essex this morning. strange thing though, he actually stopped. then got really pissed when i asked for his name and license plate number. it ended up with him racing up to a parked police car and ranting to an officer trying to eat her breakfast that i had been swerving all over the road, it was my fault, etc. she just looked at him unamused and told him to call 911. kinda funny in a "wow, nyc just doesn't care" kind of way. i told her i was fine but was taking the necessary precautions. she didn't even look at me.

i have to admit, it's kind of hard to even consider at cops as on-your-side in any way after being reminded in the film last night of how they've been physically trashing Critical Mass riders. the footage of the cops going ape-wild last august with the batons and pepper spray was especially unnerving. train a culture for violence. . . you're gonna get violence.

and i almost totally forgot. . . 2 events this sunday. "Pimp Your Ride" hosted by Toyshop Collective in Tompkins Square Park at noon. and then "Grub" later in the evening at Rubulad hosted by Visual Resistance. come get some sweet sweet love, people.

Pimp Your Ride
Bike decorating workshop. Too embarrassed to tow your date on the handlebars of that ugly old wallflower of a whip? It doesn't have to be that way. Ride your shame to the south end of Thompkins Square Park from 1 - 4 pm on Sunday the 15th and we will pin stripe you, accessorize you (with the best glam we can find in the garbage) and otherwise provide you with the tools to get that bam pow. We will provide materials but you are more than welcome to bring your own and share techniques.

Thompkins Square Park, South End
May 15 (Sunday): 1:00 PM-4:00 PM

A cheap, simple dinner for strangers and co-conspirators. We are a small group of people who do a lot of other things in New York, like decorate subways and throw parties in the streets. We work with several collectives and art groups, like Toyshop, Madagascar Institute, and Visual Resistance. At Grub we're just offering dinner. Whether you are active in other collectives, your neighborhood, your backyard
garden, or just new to town, we invite you to our table. To get a little squishy, we are looking for practical ways to build community. We are particularly inspired by weekly dinners served at squats in Amsterdam in Berlin, where you can get a cheap, tasty meal and catch up with friends in a cozy room. We like parties as much as anyone, but we think there should be places to talk without a pounding sound system.
We are not gourmands nor fancy cooks; we offer simple food simply prepared. We will only be able to serve 40 people, first come first serve. There will be plates for vegans and vegetarians alike. Please come early and hang out.

338 Flushing, at Classon, Brooklyn
G train to Flushing or Classon stations, B61 bus to Flushing
6:30p doors, 7p dinner; pay what you want, bring your own booze



so i know i already posted something from The Blow not too long ago. . . but i can't get this track out of my head, off my playlist, or out of any mix i've made since hearing it. so i think it's time i shared it. it totally makes me think of that late-spring/early summer time when it's just starting to get hot. . . and all the parties full of half-dressed bodies with flushed faces and sly looks of invitation filling up lofts and bars in brooklyn. . . oh yeah, THAT'S why i live here, right.

• The Blow - The Sky Opened Wide Like the Tide

buy music, especially independent.


  1. I've had two accidents in 2 days. One eating it in a nice big oil slick at Broadway and Houston. Then this morning biting it while trying to avoid two jumpy jaywalking ladies. The fight with everyone on that city block was fun as of course it was *my fault* for "whizzing around on my bike". If I was a car they would be dead... bleh.

  2. sounds like a good idea for a bike sticker/bike bag patch:

    "If I was a car, you'd be dead"

  3. I might actually agree but after all of the confrontation I have had this morning I think I'd like a nice uneventful ride to work with out shouting matches and kicking car doors. If I had a patch stating that someone might die if I was a car... I think I would be guaranteed confrontation every day.

    Then again it could be me. I have definitely been very aggressive and angry since hearing about Brandie.

    anyway, nifty blog. I picked up the link from some Gothamist comments.

  4. Apparently, I'm finally a who...yay.

    The comments above might as well have been written by me...

    "I think I'd like a nice uneventful ride to work with out shouting matches and kicking car doors."

    Yeah. I wish for this every day...

    "Then again it could be me. I have definitely been very aggressive and angry since hearing about Brandie."

    Yeah. I think we, as good bike riding folk, should do something in her honor.