it's a f*ckin' sad day today.

Bicyclist killed by garbage truck

A Brooklyn woman riding her bicycle in the East Village was killed shortly before midnight Sunday when she was struck by a private sanitation truck.

Brandie Bailey, 21, of 260 Moore St. in East Williamsburg was rushed to Beth Israel Medical Center, where she was dead on arrival, police said.

Police said Bailey was riding her bike at the intersection of Avenue A and East Houston Street when she was struck by a truck belonging to East Coast Trucking Service in Manhattan.

The truck driver, who was not identified, apparently did not realize he had hit the woman and kept going, police said. He and his truck were later located 23 blocks away at East 21st Street and Second Avenue.

Police said no summonses or charges were filed. The incident was still under investigation late Monday.

Company officials could not be reached for comment.

-- NY Newsday

NY Post article (registration required)
NY Newsday article (same as above)

i just saw her last thursday at Red Bamboo. . . if anyone has any information as to the details of what happened or why the driver wasn't charged, it would be greatly appreciated.

i just can't believe this. . . some people aren't meant to go so early. they just aren't.

in a mild attempt to try and put a positive side to a sad event. go to this and support the bike culture in nyc (not to mention it should be fun).

the Bicycle Film Festival proudly presents "Still We Ride," a documentary on the excessive crackdown on Critical Mass by the city of new york. watch the trailer. . . and buy tickets. the 7 o'clock is close to sold out, and the 9 o'clock is over half sold.



i have been waiting for this for months. . . and finally friends of mine, Matt & Kim have recorded a demo. at long last you can enjoy the frenetic happy danceable keyboard/drums goodness that is made by two of the cutest and happiest people in nyc. cause i could use something to cheer me up.

• Matt & Kim - Silver Tiles

buy music, especially independent.


  1. I wasnt going to say anything about this tragedy, because its hard to say anything. But, I am really sad about your loss, and hope whatever questions you have get answered. Someone should be held accountable for this.

    Stay safe, see you soon.

  2. Let me just say she was a doll. Brandie and I went to highschool together and I nearly choked when I found out what had happend. I don't know how you can't see someone, but I still can't imagine how that trucker feels. I'm sorry for your loss.