okay, so i not only have had my tires slashed and my lock jammed in greenpoint, i now have also had my bicycle stolen there. and the only reason i am more upset about it than the usual "damn. . . that suckssss" is that it was a birthday gift from my father when i turned 14. which in itself isn't a big deal, except that a year later he stopped having anything to do with me (long story). so it was always a constant subtle reminder of better times with my dad. now some jackass has it, minus the front tire, seat and post. good for him. i hope he gets hit by a garbage truck. (mentally add in a crazy long-haired bearded guy popping up in the background, yelling "F*CK HIM UP!!!" and then running away.)



so i've been lovin' this ever since i heard it a few weeks ago (but the covers comp had just started, so i had to sit on it for a bit). i was always never sure how i felt about Fannypack, were they just some flash-in-the-pan band with a fun novelty song ("Cameltoe"). . . or would they actually stick around and become a regular on any decent dance floor? turns out the latter is true, and all those cute butts in short skirts/tight pants are going to be doin' a lot more shakin' because of it.

• FannyPack - Feet And Hands

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  1. that fucking sucks man, my most genuine sympathy towards you. fucking cocksuck sons of whores.

    people like that end up getting the kind of crotch disease that makes pissing feel like the insides are bleeding with twice rebroken scabs. god fuck them to hell.

    sorry bout it, you're still a bike icon to me. get a new one soon.

  2. this a a sad sucka day. pour one out. what about the peugeot?

  3. total sympathy. i'm really sorry, that sucks. maybe the cops stole it (ha,,, if only that was funny).

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  5. so, you got a japanther pic to stand up to k.see's?