i almost got hit AGAIN coming off the williamsburg bridge this morning. this time a flatbed 18-wheeler decided it needed to drive up over the pedestrian area right at the foot of the bridge. and of course gunned it up without looking. i doubt it was headed up the bridge since it was kinda huge. maybe it was just making a leisurely mid-morning u-turn.

so Critical Mass tomorrow. . . not sure how well this has been disseminated, but i'm still running into friends who haven't heard: multiple meeting points for tomorrow's ride. washington square park, tompkins square park, madison square park, and of course union square. 7 pm. all the rides are then going to try and join up with each other. if the cops are going to keep harassing us, let's make it a bit more challenging for them.



i came across this album randomly a few weeks ago, and i just keep going back to it. it feels reminiscent of something else, but reaches that balance between familiar and refreshing that can really hook you in. any suggestions of comparisons/parallels would be interesting. on this track i hear a little bit of The Microphones and maybe Bedhead. but a lot of the other tracks are a bit more rockin', so yeah, that probably doesn't help you much at all. enjoy.

• The Shocking Pinks - Alice

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  1. Ride fucking safe man, your luck has been for shit lately and I dont want you injured.

    that shit would be fucking horrible.

    fucking bike icon better wear a helmet. dont fuck with the bike gods, play it safe for a few weeks till you start finding twenties on the sidewalk and girls start slipping their numbers into your pants.

    god love those aggressive maniac women, never ended up dating one, but shit does the compliment ever feel nice.

  2. you have a tiny park-naming deficiency sucka. i'm only telling you because i care, of course, but it's TOMPKINS. no h.

  3. and those aggresive maniac women will totally roll you good. . . but it's so worth it.

  4. Here's a beginner's guide: http://www.babeland.com/sexinfo/howto/bdsm

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  6. dude, nice to shout a girl's shit out all over the webernets. keep it hush or go home son.

    anyway, listen, sucka. my new theory is that you should post to suckapants late at night before you go to bed and then you can ignore it at work. das my theory. peace. oh and riding to work was both scary and fun.

  7. I keep forgetting that we are supposed to use our super hero code names.

    hers is a pretty one. I'll kill my old post out of guilt.

    nice pic of swoon's shit.

  8. aw. now get it straight. there's a magical fairy commune called toyshop collective. the magical fairy commune has super-hero cronies named swoon and sucka. then there are magical super fairy crony bodyguards named antlered girl and zipco. antlered girl and zipco pretend fight all the time but will be dancing late into the night and then twirling all around the stars after they tuck their charges into their beds and sprinkle fairy dust on their foreheads. la!