early warning folks, Disco Utopia II is happening this friday at the Chicken Hut. 2 floors of the hottest dance party you ever seen. at willoughby and spencer in brooklyn. . . all night. brought to you by The Moustache Riders, The Black Label Bicycle Club, and the nice kids at the Chicken Hut.

oh yeah, and here's a news flash, police departments (NYPD) tamper with evidence to convict innocent people. gee, i'm shocked or something.



i HATE Sheryl Crow. and i hated her even more when she covered this song (horribly, of course) and then released it as the single from her last album. that is the sign that you really suck, when you have to release a cover of a popular song as your single. this is the version of "The First Cut Is The Deepest," by Norma Fraser. i have rarely heard a song so emotive as this. so when you listen to it the first time, stop whatever "important thing" you're doing and just listen.
*Note: originally written and recorded by Cat Stevens

• Norma Fraser - The First Cut Is The Deepest

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  1. wow. that's beautiful. so this one time i went to ikea with my mama and upon entry there was a reggae cover band playing the kevin lyttle song "let me jump you, girl caress my body, you gut me going crazy, you turn me up turn me oooo-nn...." the next song the played was "the first cut is the deepest" but more in the sheryl crow version. that was way weird. so it was a cover of sheryl crow's cover. speaking of good covers, i really prefer the smashing pumpkins version of "dancing in the moonlight" by thin lizzy to the original. is that so bad?

  2. the first link: http://www.ofquiet.com/exmakingout is broke.

  3. i think this is what tod meant, all you readers out there in comment-land: http://ofquiet.com/exmakeout/

  4. yes i did mean that, and i actually made that correction right away. but blogger sucks and it can't seem to publish anymore today. so yes, thanks.

  5. That is the original if you don't count Cat Stevens.

  6. yeah, i ran into a bit of trouble on the "original." a lot of sites attribute Norma Fraser as "Original Singer Of The International Reggae Hit
    FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST." but Cat Stevens wrote it and recorded it way before she did ('66 vs '83). my only guess is that these sites are basing their claims on how popular Norma's recording became(?), rather than actual chronology. thanks for the comment/correction.