good weekend. friday night art openings and good company. saturday fixed my "new" bike, it didn't rain all day, and went to see Out Hud & Hella (okay, possibly the one downer all weekend). sunday went to a bbq with great bands (The Goddamn Rattlesnake, Poor Boy Johnson, and The Two Gallants), and then finished it off at Grub hosted by Visual Resistance. sweet. only thing missing was Big Blue Kickball (rained out). next sunday though. . . McCarren Park, 9:30 pm, be there, bring beer, and don't wear the fancy shoes.



been digging on this lately. has some pretty strong appropriateness to my mindset as of late. when the bad is bad, but the good is good, they cancel each other out. like fire and water in pokemon or something. . . they hit in the middle and dissipate. can't really argue that too much. also kind of reminds me of old Built To Spill or something. man, i miss those "indian summer" days.

• The Shout Out Louds - The Comeback

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  1. yeah it was a good weekend. it may be a sign that the little blog circle has gone too far when we all have exactly the same weekend to report and our itunes or WINAMP (freakin neanderthal) playlists are exclusively sucka-furnished tunes. i mean, can you scoop us on a whole weekend?

  2. i giggled and caught a hiccup in my throat when i read the neanderthal thing.

    yo Tod, when you heading to FL? and what area? I'm gonna be there aparrently in a week or so. let me know your info.

    and I need other people to have similar reports on their bloggospheres because I am on the verge of becoming a blackout drunk. (nah, i remember everything, I remember everything looking blurry that is.)

  3. yeah, i knew that too (McCarren). . . it just looked weird, so i googled it. f*ck the internet and all the other idiots out there. keep f*cking me over, and over again.