so my neighbors may hate me now, but i love them. i was up till 2:30 am last night, drilling and punching holes (in plexi) in my apartment. and they didn't complain once. next time their salsa bass wakes me up on the weekend, i'm not even going to grumble under my breath.

and i got this last night:

From: Tod Seelies Bike (iamyourbike@yahoo.ca)
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 15:49:11 -0400 (EDT)
To: tod@ofquiet.com
Subject: this is one very crazy world

hey tod...
hey there dear owner
first of all: I miss you terribly!
and now I'm writing you to tell you how I am.
it's not that I'm dead.
but those kids who stealed me from you did some ugly
things for me. they fucked around, tried to break me
in small pieces. but it was late at night and they
went to they're houses... pussys! while they were
messing me around I heard some conversations... about
they not goin' to college for a month and being proud
of it... but I mean...REALLY PROUD.
You are good, you are NICE
if it was on my destiny to come back I would...
we've been together for 8 years... try to not worry my
friend... I'll write here and there to you...
those kids are ROTTEN ugly shit and I really don't
think they will improove anything. Bug is smarter then
they and they're family together... I cursed them all,
they will never ride bikes again... they will break
they're legs then they're necks! HA HA! they don't
deserve your feelings. being good or bad.
I had no idea where was I...
I wanted to go back to hang out with you...
we are such good friends.
but I was lost...
anyway, anywhere would be better than there.
I ran.
ran without all my parts.
I'm glad I had no seat anymore...
no one can ride me basically... wich I'm glad... I'm
not into going out and meeting people right now...
it's not that I'll never love again or never have
friends... but I don't know... now I want to be quiet.

while riding around I've found some lost stuff. one
single old leather glove missing a thumb, a purple kid
knit sweater missing one arm... hey! we could all live
together on the 'stuff missin' stuff' kingdom... Ha!
if you ever get something missing you can join us!
hahaha... oh life...

I miss you buddy. you made me a smart and tuff bike.
you did a good job.
it was good to take you around
it was good to be taken around

Your bike.



so all the tracks i wanted to post today were covers, all of 'em. but i kinda want to save those for the next covers comp. so then i was going to post some new Smog from his forthcoming album. . . but i forgot i had to clean up the tracks first, so not today. soooooo. . . i'll post something that always makes me smile when it comes on. the Young Marble Giants (from wales) came about in the late 70s and hit their peak in the early 80s. still somewhat obscure, and with little recorded material, they are an overlooked gem that deserves better.

• Young Marble Giants - Brand New Life

buy music, especially independent.


  1. this is hilarious. post-quark-dom, here tod comes!

  2. i came home at 4am
    to a cardboard box
    containing my new
    best friend.
    an aluminum Cannondale
    road/racing frame...
    ooh i need to get to sleep
    so i can dream about how wonderful
    it'll be when i put air in the tires and
    the fun between my legs!!!!!!
    See ya at the chicken hut!

  3. Amazing pictures and amazing blog.
    Nice work.

  4. damn. . . my friends are even rubbing it in my face that i don't have a bike anymore. i guess this is what karma gets you when you spend your evening hooking up antlered girl with a mint bianchi racer for $150. yer all very fucking welcome. jerks.

  5. thanks sucka! you're the best. the bike is AMAZING.