photo of part of the current installation by Os Gemeos at Deitch Projects.

Stachemaster, my contact in italy, just sent this to me: 7:35 AM. so good, so very very good. it's gettin' me excited for the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival already.



so while i am a fan of Tv On the Radio, they did not deliver the best cover on the Daniel Johnston tribute album (see previous post). that honor probably goes to Bright Eyes. while the inherently similar song-stylings of the two artists makes Conor Oberst an obvious choice, i have to give him more credit than that. i think it's almost more difficult to do a good cover of someone that is already pretty close to home to begin with. Conor is able to add something to an already great song without departing from what he (or Daniel Johnston) do well. give it a listen and tell me if i am right or wrong on this one.

• Bright Eyes - Devil Town

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  1. I'm not a fan of Bright Eyes at all, but that is a pretty good cover....fuck, it hurts to admit that.

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  3. that rss is really pissing me off. . . why does it have to be such a big baby?

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    don't worry,
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