for all you who skipped out on the Exit Art opening, you missed a hell of a good time. no one got hurt (that bad) on the indoor trash-sledding installation. the exhibition itself is pretty solid and one of the better-executed shows i've seen in a while. i highly recommend making the trek to check it out while it's still up.

also saw Superwolf (aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy + Matt Sweeney) do an intimate little set at some coffee shop in brooklyn. it was crowded as hell but sounded amazing, except for the dumbasses working there who kept talking and draining the coffee maker and washing glasses during the set. . . rude dumbasses. but the tour t-shirts they were selling? very hot.

oh yeah, and does anyone know how to do an RSS feed to a regular domain when you're publishing through blogspot?



so i wanted to post something from Superwolf, but i left it all at home. so instead i'll just post a great track from another band with "wolf" in the title, Wolf Parade. yet another great canadian import preparing to take us over the minute we drop our guard.

• Wolf Parade - Dear Sons And Daughters Of Hungry Ghosts

buy music, especially independent.

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  1. RSS update: you can't have an rss feed if your title is an image tag. you gotta leave that in the html and have regular text for the title.