so i saw mr. Hisham Bharoocha (of x-Black Dice and current Pixeltan fame) perform at tonic the other night. i wasn't entirely sure what to expect, i remember seeing Black Dice at house shows before they kind of went all druggy-whale-sounds. . . those were always my favorite. a combination of long drawn-out distorted vocals, electronic and guitar sounds combining and playing off each other as they slowly built into a huge crescendo, and the intense merciless drumming keeping it solidly driving forward. but then they kind of went even farther into the spacey-weird-influenced-by-new-age direction, and then they got rid of their drummer. . . about a year later hisham is playing by himself, and picking up where those house shows left off. the man was playing a drum kit, a bass guitar, singing, working a vocal distortion/sample box. . . all at the same time. it was really intense. i'm not going to pretend he doesn't have a few bugs to work out (playing 3 instruments at once does have a few technical challenges), but when he does he may very well resurrect what (in my mind) was Black Dice's pinnacle.



below the tracks are cd-sized files (jpg or pdf) for printing out your own booklet (both inside and outside). the important part is that the INSIDE file has the song list, that being: the artist on the cd, the song, and the original artist. . . however they are all out of order. so download it and match them up as i post 'em. when it's all said and done you should have a pretty good 22 track mix cd of cover songs. i did not try to select obscure of difficult covers, i picked what i did based simply on what i liked. so while some will be very easy (and possibly already on your computer), it is intended to be a mix cd first and foremost. if there's a good response i may resurrect cover comps #1 and #2. #4 isn't far behind either. . . if for some reason anyone has trouble reading the song list, let me know and i'll just list it below. leave your guesses in the comments.



- insert outside (cover) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

- insert inside (song list) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

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