so i may be blowing one of the best (and new) secrets in brooklyn, but The Free Store is having a benefit show/party tonight. The Free Store is just what it says, it's a store where everything is free. it basically functions like a thrift store, subsisting off donations. . . but since everything is given to it for free, they don't charge a mark up on it's way out the door. i thought it would be kind of all sorts of broken crap and found junk. but i was wrong. my one friend got a great pair of jeans (diesel) there, along with some sweaters. another friend found some hot shoes and kitchen stuff. i personally dropped off a bag of shoes i had collected over time (ex-roommates leftover stuff, etc) and found a pretty sweet brown-grey hoodie. so i am going to strongly promote this place, because the more people donate the better it is. i think it has the potential to be a really great resource.

so the party info is as follows:
-- first wave = Country, Folk & Ragtime show with Jeffery Lewis, Micah "Blue" Smaldone, Death Vessel, Friends, Andy Boise, and Our Poor Neighbors.
Thursday, March 24th at 7pm
Glass House: 38 S. 1st St. at Kent (L train to Bedford)
$6 and free drinks before 9 pm
(the flyer is a great drawing of a hobo flying along on a track bike through the countryside)

-- second wave = Extravaganza Of Ridiculous Proportions: a cyborg masquerade dance party with dancing cyborg pandas, robot battles, circus performers and cupcakes. DJs Suggested D & Lady Vitamins.
Thursday, March 24th at 12pm
same place
$5 with a cyborg-themed mask, $6 without

Proceeds go to sustaining The Free Store
(131 Grand St. at Berry, open everyday 2-9pm)



below the tracks are cd-sized files (jpg or pdf) for printing out your own booklet (both inside and outside). the important part is that the INSIDE file has the song list, that being: the artist on the cd, the song, and the original artist. . . however they are all out of order. so download it and match them up as i post 'em. when it's all said and done you should have a pretty good 22 track mix cd of cover songs. i did not try to select obscure of difficult covers, i picked what i did based simply on what i liked. so while some will be very easy (and possibly already on your computer), it is intended to be a mix cd first and foremost. if there's a good response i may resurrect cover comps #1 and #2. #4 isn't far behind either. . . if for some reason anyone has trouble reading the song list, let me know and i'll just list it below. leave your guesses in the comments.



- insert outside (cover) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

- insert inside (song list) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

buy music, especially independent.


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