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okay so i like cover songs, that much has been established. several years ago i decided to start putting together cd compilations of amazing covers that i came across over the course of a year. for the first few years i did them with custom hand-painted cds and full-color double-sided booklets and just gave/mailed them to my friends. it was very very time consuming, but fun. however, it seems that a lot of these cover comps didn't survive the trials and tribulations of people's lives, so i don't really feel like spending another month hunched over a table painting cds and cutting inserts. instead i'm going to post this year's cover comp on suckapants. and although i've been at this for four years, we are only up to #3. the chaos that consumed my life after my father's motorcycle accident caused the release of #3 to be significantly delayed. #4 is pretty much compiled though, so the gap in between the two might not be too long. there is also one other thing about these cover comps i should mention. . . inside the booklet i included the artist on the cd, the song title, and the original artist. . . but totally out of order. so it's a bit of a puzzle too match up who is covering who. it's not really that difficult, but i like to make people work a little. . . so yeah, i should start posting "Cover Compilation: Volume 3" next week. in the meantime, here's a track from a young band (literally young, 11 and 9 years old) composed of two sisters. they are called Smoosh and hail from seattle. oh yeah, and they make your bad-ass junior high self (with your hammer pants and slap bracelets and New Kids buttons) look like a fool.

• Smoosh - Make It Through

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