rarely have i been in a place where time stood still like waiting for the J/M/Z train late at night. the other denizens of the platform mill about, looking lost and forlorn. . . until there is the faintest hint of screeching metal that might herald the arrival of a train. the look of hopeful surprise on their faces is disconcerting, but only if you still believe public transit shouldn't suck. if someone dropped to their knees praising the god of underground transportation and sacrificed a goat at the first sight of the J train, i wouldn't be all that surprised. and this is coming from someone who lived on the G train for seven years.



okay, i feel bad because i came across this track on an mp3 blog this past week. . . but damn if i can remember where. i hate posting something and not giving credit when due. . . buuuuuuut, i kinda don't have a choice. this is probably one of the most compelling things i have heard since The Mars Volta's "Frances The Mute." i can't remember the last time i played something, stopped what i was doing halfway through to listen, and then played it another three times in a row just to let it sink in. i'm not sure how to describe it, but we need more music like this. and if anyone knows where i might have come across this, please leave it in the comments.
* UPDATE: so the very same blog that i found this gem on came across this post and enlightened my slipping-in-my-old-age mind. thanks to Said The Gramophone for that, and this. . .

• Final Fantasy - Please Please Please

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  1. i really like the way you wrote that.
    i think i have some more/new music for you..

  2. I can't believe it!
    I went throught this very same song just yesterday at www.saidthegramophone.com! the feeling it brings me is something that reminds me of Yann Tiersen... he produced Good bye Lenin and amelie poulain's soundtrack... he has now a project with a Shannon Wright singing...

  3. I <3 <3 <3 Final Fantasy

    That album is so beautiful.

    I think it's the guy from the Arcade Fire, doing everything solo...or so I've heard.

    yah, good good stuff.

  4. i dont know...i really like the song,but i feel like if there was one sound missing all the way through. but it kind of gets imaginde to it in my head and then its crayz...but id still prefer mars volta (im going to see them in 10days!!)