congratulations to Creeper on his senior thesis. not many kids rock their senior show having sold most of the work before it hits the walls. . . but that's how Creeper likes it. and his mom made home-baked cookies for the opening too. mom-cookies, monsters, and occasional stabbings. . . that's my kind of opening.

i know this isn't very important, but did you know that Castro fled to brooklyn and is hiding out as my roommate? it's kinda weird, but he doesn't complain about having to smoke his cigars on the fire escape so i guess things are fine. although the constant mumbling and stroking his beard bit does get annoying.

so apparently suckapants.com is rated as porn? that's hottt.

and a filter for your tv specifically to block the right-wing nut-job news service fox news? yes. i don't know how it works (or if it works). but it's pure genius. i'd buy one if i ever watched tv.



below the tracks are cd-sized files (jpg or pdf) for printing out your own booklet (both inside and outside). the important part is that the INSIDE file has the song list, that being: the artist on the cd, the song, and the original artist. . . however they are all out of order. so download it and match them up as i post 'em. when it's all said and done you should have a pretty good 22 track mix cd of cover songs. i did not try to select obscure of difficult covers, i picked what i did based simply on what i liked. so while some will be very easy (and possibly already on your computer), it is intended to be a mix cd first and foremost. if there's a good response i may resurrect cover comps #1 and #2. #4 isn't far behind either. . . if for some reason anyone has trouble reading the song list, let me know and i'll just list it below. leave your guesses in the comments.



- insert outside (cover) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

- insert inside (song list) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

buy music, especially independent.


  1. These are my best guesses

    (02)maps –yyy- ADA
    (03)hey ya –outcast- THE BLANKKET
    (04)float on-modest mouse- BEN LEE
    (05)independent women -beyonce (actually destiny's child) ???
    (06)hybrid moments –misfits- ELF POWER
    (07)let's get physical – olivia- GOLDFRAPP
    (08)blueprint of something... - 6parts7- PEDRO THE LION
    (09)Immigrant Song- led zepplin-
    (10)Modern Romance- yyy -TV ON THE RADIO
    (11) when you were mine- prince TEGAN AND SARA
    (12)against all odds -phil colins- POSTAL SERVICE

    common people-pulp SHATNER
    i saw the sign – aceofbase- MOUNTAIN GOATS

  2. do you have the cyndi lauper version of when you were mine? they did it together right?

  3. and don't front like you didn't just change the roommate pic to the art pics.

  4. no, i dont think cyndi did her version of wywm (on she's so unusual) with prince. but she sings it with the same lyrics (oh GIRL when you were mine) as opposed to betty bright & the illuminations, who sang "oh boy..."

    this version (#11)is okay, but no one will ever compare to the original.

  5. Prince wrote "when you were mine," Cyndi Lauper recorded it first. Prince later did his own version, so it's kind of confusing as to who the original attribution should go to. but for my two cents i'm giving it to Prince.

    and who's frontin'? i am allowed to update my post if i want to. . . why? you hatin' on the Creeper art?

    looks like a fist-a-cuffs is a' brewin'. 2 pm, sunday, prospect park, antlers to antlers, no witnesses.

  6. listen sucka. you don't know nothin if you got no lauper love.

    blood is the new dead on sunday at 2pm. sucka beat down central.

  7. salamandra voltarei uno duo trés3/29/2005 2:23 PM

    I'm looking foward the immigrant song cover!
    independent woman - beyonce - ELBOW
    i touch myself - devinyls - SCALA CHOIR

  8. dude, you are wrong. prince released when you were mine on the dirty mind lp, 1980. shes so unusual was released 1983. don't get it twisted.

    james stache
    read all prince biographies in print

  9. but for reals, does anyone have an mp3 of cyndi lauper singing it?
    sucka-will you have a 'when you were mine' day and we can compare all 3?

  10. okay i definitely know better than to question stache's musical expertise. this is what happens when i trust my research to only one source. i always thought it seemed odd that Prince would let such a great song go to Cyndi first. glad that's cleared up.

    i actually have almost half-a-dozen covers of "when you were mine" (including Cyndi's), maybe i'll post them all when cover comp #3 is done so ya'll can vote on the best.

  11. day round up. listen sucka, today's title was priceless. get ya track on.