don't you just hate it when this happens. . .

another Moustache Riders party alert (tomorrow). . . the "Delivery High Rollers" event. there's an alleycat bike race beforehand starting at Food Swings around 7 (with some crazy bling prizes), but most likely you're going to be more of the drink-dance-get drunk-fall down variety. so for you there is a bumpin' dance party (detroit booty bass from one side, dancehall hotness on the other, with some crazy obscure 80s most-danceable mixed in) at Glasshouse. . . and it's only 5 damn dollars. party o' clock, see you there.


Moustache Riders present "Delivery High Rollers"

High Rollers Alleycat!!!! Mad Prizes for Winners!!!! Know what it's like to do food delivery and do some damage... Race begins at 7:00 pm at Food Swings - the Brooklyn Special. $5 to race - free after party entry with spoke card.
- Location: Food Swings (Grand / Havemeyer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
- When: Saturday, March 19, 7:00pm

Pump up the Jam after party!!!! DJ dirty fingers (Black Label), Yo Sweetness (Moustache Riders), some Booty Base and more. $5 @ the door / cheap drinks.
- Location: Glasshouse 38 S. 1st between Kent and Wythe
- When: Saturday, March 19, 10:00pm


and somewhat related, did anyone go to that crazy "Fixed" magazine launch party last night? we were there but didn't feel in the mood for the bouncers-guestlist-ridiculous people gauntlet. reports thus far are conflicting, anyone got their two cents to chip in?



this little gem was contributed by miss girlhattan. much thanks for this cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya" done by JD Natasha. kinda like if PJ Harvey merged with Annie Defranco and gave it a shot with a violin.

• JD Natasha - Hey Ya

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  1. i mean really, is any party worth it without mean mr. naked suckaface in attendance? thusly, the fixed party with the closed list (herbs!) was crapola. the rich jacobs opening wasn't enough for you?