so for the next couple weeks i'll be posting my third covers compilation. each track is numbered because half the fun of this is figuring out who is covering who. below the tracks are cd-sized files (jpg or pdf) for printing out your own booklet (both inside and outside). the important part is that the INSIDE file has the song list, that being: the artist on the cd, the song, and the original artist. . . however they are all out of order. so download it and match them up as i post 'em. when it's all said and done you should have a pretty good 22 track mix cd of cover songs. i did not try to select obscure of difficult covers, i picked what i did based simply on what i liked. so while some will be very easy (and possibly already on your computer), it is intended to be a mix cd first and foremost. if there's a good response i may resurrect cover comps #1 and #2. #4 isn't far behind either. . . if for some reason anyone has trouble reading the song list, let me know and i'll just list it below.



leave your guesses in the comments.



- insert outside (cover) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

- insert inside (song list) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

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  1. alright, here goes. keep in mind this is before all tracks are released.

    all the songs & original artists, cover in caps
    1.i touch myself - divinyls SCALA CHOIR
    2.hey ya -outcast ???
    3.let's get physical - olivia GOLDFRAPP
    4.mad world- tears for fears ???
    5. (02)maps -yyy ???
    6. (01) hit me baby -britney ???
    7.around the way girl -llcoolj ???
    8.common people-pulp SHATNER
    9.hyperballad -bjork ???
    10.moon river - andy williams ???
    11.when you were mine- prince ???
    12.hybrid moments -misfits ???
    13.float on-modest mouse ???
    14.i saw the sign - aceofbase ???
    15.immigrant song- zepplin ???
    16.independent women -beyonce (actually destiny's child) ???
    17.all apologies -nirvana ???
    18.take me out -ff - ???
    19.against all odds -phil colins- POSTAL SERVICE
    20.modern romance -yyy ???
    21.vapor trail -ride ???
    22.blueprint of something... - 6parts7 ???

    so 4/22 isnt so bad. i found some dope covers on this side of the ocean, like the italo version of the et theme (with cowprint vinyl), italo 'brick in the wall', italo version of frankie vallie's 'stay', and more dumb stuff.

  2. track 02 is way better than karen oh ever did. did you see them play at siren like 2 years ago?
    it was the worst music i have ever heard hands down. i like some of their stuff but mostly not so much. clearly you can do great things with it if you try.

  3. good job, mr. stache. . . 4 for 4. i'll make the necessary beyonce/destiny's update. . .
    so when are you sending me those italio gems?

    i have never been to a siren festival, the combination of how miserable/crowded everyone says it is couple with the fact that summer is time for traveling = no sirens for me. the first time i saw the YYYs was in some abandoned auto shop in brooklyn with the liars, the apes, and tunnel of love. it was a pretty small show, but a small space too. i love the YYYs, and even though i think this cover is pretty damn hot, it doesn't detract from my affinity for the original.

  4. . . . and i totally should have known james stache would blow at least some of these. that boy runs circles around most people with his musical expertise.

  5. yeah man, that hisham pic on my site is SLAMMIN' if you don't say so yourself. did you check the triple-tod linkage i put up?