anyone go the the Tracy And The Plastics show last night? was it me or did BARR really blow everyone else out of the water? Tracy wasn't really on her game last night, so maybe it's not a fair comparison. . . although i can say that if they had charged more than $7 for that show i would feel ripped-off. better keep it cheap if your headliner isn't even going to give it much effort.

Critical Mass tonight people! although i know practically none of you will be there. . . which is a shame. but perhaps when the warmer weather arrives we can rectify this. after all, bikes are the new sports cars.

okay so i wanted this friday post to be an upbeat one, but i ignored something that actually is pretty important, even if it isn't much fun. below is the latest news about the ongoing NYPD's campaign to take out Critical Mass, and now Time's Up! as well.

(From Time's Up!) Legal Update 03/23/2005:

Yesterday, the City of New York served Time's Up!, and individually Bill DiPaola, Brandon Neubauer, Leah Rorvig, and Matthew Roth with a new lawsuit, brought in state court. In the lawsuit, the city is seeking an injunction against Time's Up! and the aforementioned individuals to prevent us from advertising or promoting the meeting place for the Critical Mass at Union Square, and to prevent us or anyone in concert with us from riding in the streets in Critical Mass style without obtaining a permit from the NYPD. It claims that any event whatsoever with 20 or more persons requires a permit.

TIME'S UP! responds that this case is ridiculous, selective enforcement. Everyday there are hundreds of events that goes on with more than 20 people without a permit. Furthermore, we advertise hundreds of events each year promoting sustainable environmental solutions. Some of the events we organize and others we are just passing along the word. Our right to do so is protected under the First Amendment.

We are hoping for a friendly outcome that would benefit the people of NYC and we are actively seeking funds to defend the right to assemble and the right to free speech, without a permit. Still We Ride!

*RANDOM UPDATE: to everyone who was at the Glass House party last night, please stop sending me photos of the naked people there. they're gross and almost got me fired. thanks.



below the tracks are cd-sized files (jpg or pdf) for printing out your own booklet (both inside and outside). the important part is that the INSIDE file has the song list, that being: the artist on the cd, the song, and the original artist. . . however they are all out of order. so download it and match them up as i post 'em. when it's all said and done you should have a pretty good 22 track mix cd of cover songs. i did not try to select obscure of difficult covers, i picked what i did based simply on what i liked. so while some will be very easy (and possibly already on your computer), it is intended to be a mix cd first and foremost. if there's a good response i may resurrect cover comps #1 and #2. #4 isn't far behind either. . . if for some reason anyone has trouble reading the song list, let me know and i'll just list it below. leave your guesses in the comments.



- insert outside (cover) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

- insert inside (song list) [jpg] [pdf] [web]

buy music, especially independent.


  1. hi there, just wanted to let you know that i've erected a tod seelie fansite. hope that's okay. http://antleredlife.blogspot.com/2005/03/sucka-camaro.html#comments

    (02)maps -yyy ???
    (03)hey ya -outcast ???
    (04)float on-modest mouse BEN LEE
    (05)independent women -beyonce (actually destiny's child) ???
    (06)hybrid moments -misfits ELF POWER
    (07)let's get physical - olivia GOLDFRAPP
    (08)blueprint of something... - 6parts7 PEDRO THE LION