photos from the Japanther show this weekend at the Jane Doe bookstore in brooklyn. always a good time. another band, The Good Good were pretty good too. . . very rough around the edges, but showed a lot of promise.

so a friend of mine did the photography for Saul William's recent video for his new single "List Of Demands." and it happened to make it in to IFilm's best music videos of 2004. go check it out, and then poke around for the other cool music videos and trailers they have there (like for "Sin City". . . damn that looks cool. and thank god they are trying to keep to Frank Miller's vision).



Japanther just put out a new album on Plan-It-X Records (which is a switch from the usual Tapes Records/Menlo Park tag-team). it's called "Wolfenswan" and is an excellent update to their already extensive catalog. Japanther has been slowly moving from their original noisy/screamy/crashing sound to something infused with a bit more pop and even a bit of singing (but not less energy). none of their albums thus far have really captured this new direction, until "Wolfenswan." earlier in the day before the show, i was at Cinders on havemeyer and this track came on. it was the first time i had heard it, and i instantly started grinning. . . when Japanther nails it, there is nothing you can do except smile (and maybe dance, depending on who's watching).

• Japanther - I-10

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  1. ex japanther fan2/18/2005 4:47 AM

    they are really not so nice to their "fans"

  2. tell me about it. . . after knowing ian for over five years and touring with them, he left me stranded in arizona cause he had a bad week and had to take it out on someone. at least the bus ride to vegas (nearest airport) was real pretty.

  3. ex japanther fan2/24/2005 11:30 PM

    ! i knew ian wasn't so damn nice. at least you're still supporting them. well i guess that would make me a hypocrite. i'm still listening to the song but ian isn't the only one in the group. plus this song (courtesy of this page) reminds me of when I last saw them.

  4. Ohh my god I totally disagree. I wasnt friends with them before, so maybe it is different for me or something. But I thought those guys were nice. I chilled with them when they played the Hemlock in SF w/ I hate you when your pregnant, and as I was saying they seemed really nice. Most people are total dicks espescially in the uber hipster land of SF but JAPANTHER ROCKS!!!!!