so Kyp Malone from TV On The Radio has his own solo project called Black Lights. they played with OCS (John Dwyer from Coachwhips), Lichens and Kim & Matt at Todd P.'s new space on saturday. all the sets were great, even if the last one kinda put me to sleep. Kim & Matt are officially the happiest band in nyc, but not in an annoying way. it was a great show, even if the bathrooms were just pots to piss in surrounded by garbage bag curtains.



i really liked Wes Anderson's "The Life Aquatic." he really took it to the next level for me with transition scenes where this guy strums away singing David Bowie songs in portuguese. that guy is Seu Jorge, and apparently he had a tendency to make up his own lyrics during filming, which no one noticed at the time because i guess there weren't a lot of portuguese speakers present. anyone who will not only f*ck around on a big budget film but also doesn't mind messin' with Bowie. . . they have got my attention. here are my favorite two covers he does from "The Life Aquatic" soundtrack.

• Seu Jorge - Life On Mars

• Seu Jorge - Rebel Rebel

buy music, especially independent.

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