here is a news flash for you: cops are jerks (apparently they are still having trouble realizing that video can get you in trouble, i guess that Rodney King verdict gave them the wrong impression). and rarely am i left speechless, but a solid reworking of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" into a Bible song will do it.



it seems like everyone and their mother have been racing to cover Phil Collins lately. not that it's a bad thing, just kind of a weird confluence of musical tendencies i guess. anyway, the best one i have heard so far is The Postal Service doing "Against All Odds." it appeared on the "Wicker Park" soundtrack. . . i haven't heard the rest of the soundtrack, but word on the street is that it is full of indie rock delights (even if the movie apparently sucked an egg). so yeah, regardless this is a great cover. happy weekend and stuff.

• The Postal Service - Against All Odds

the video of said cover song.

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  1. this is so good! I can't stop singin' it!