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so today a little something different. a friend of mine from high school sent me these two mixes he's made recently. i really enjoyed each one. they have a great balance and coherency, pretty damn impeccable. . . even if the feeling of each is polar-opposite. i could see driving cross-country with each mix, one for the hot, dusty daytime, one for the cool, serene nighttime. follow the links below to the indexes of each. the "titles" are my own suggestion, so call them whatever you want. and if you haven't already, check out Site Sucker. it makes grabbing indexes easy (just drag-n-download).

• Nick's Rock Mix (a lot of good classic tracks together, mixed with a smattering of a few obscurities as well.)

• Nick's Spacey Mix (orchestral and electronic pushing the plow directly into ambient. not all unfamiliar, but i wasn't listening to much Ryuichi Sakamoto before this.)

buy music, especially independent.

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  1. yeah that video is pretty much the best thing i've ever seen.