let's stop kidding ourselves. we all know you only come here for the music. . . so let's just cut to the chase.



along with a Autumn Pictures, my roommate The Goddamn Rattlesnake played with Poor Boy Johnson last tuesday. in my "unbiased" opinion, they were the clearly highlight of the six-act night (and i have to say that they did garner the most applause by far). Both The Goddamn Rattlesnake and Poor Boy Johnson are deeply rooted in the bluesy-country-singer-songwriter vein, especially when the Rattlesnake breaks out his banjo. However they both have very different approaches, whereas the Rattlesnake is much more of a raucous foot-stompin' good time, Johnson tends to be more of the longingly rendered lament. . . with a bit more of a wail than a holler. on tuesday they played a set together and it was just beautiful, i really wish i had something recorded of their collaboration. . . but alas. so here are a few tracks off the demo that Poor Boy Johnson just finished recording during some isolation in vermont. real gems, if i do say so myself.

• Poor Boy Johnson - Lady Rodeo

• Poor Boy Johnson - Say Marie

• Poor Boy Johnson - Dear Annie

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  1. i come here for the pictures only and all the way from seattle at that! your photographs are amazing...

  2. i dont come here for the music at all (although the entire mia-diplo mix was a treat)

    i come to see what im missing on the blbc-toyshop-nyc fun tips.