flyer by Blacken, probably.

so there's this party, i hear it's pretty good. one of my friends from Black Label djs there, and he is amazing. it's put on by this guy from Blacken who i've seen around Black Label events. probably not for the feign of heart, or the fancily-dressed. but if you're one of the folk who knows that to have fun you have to get up and shake some ass, then this just might be your cup of tea.



man, i'm having a hard time choosing lately, got some fresh canadian goodness (Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops), more Crooked Fingers, some good-times baltimore business (Double Dagger), and a track from the Raincoats that is just pure love (see the previous Kills post for another example of said love). however, in conjunction with today's post, here is the most appropriate track i had handy. Avenue D's "Do I Look Like A Slut?" i'm not afraid of electroclash!! are you?!

• Avenue D - Do I Look Like A Slut? (NPS! ie. Not Prude Safe)

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