photo by Nick Kilroy

this has been a sad week, with the passing of Nick Kilroy. one of the first to use this lil' internet to disseminate his great musical taste. his site Gabba/Pod was one of the best places to discover new music and stumble across gems that would make everything you'd been listening to for the past week seem boring. the infamous Pitchfork has a tribute with contributions from multiple writers. Nick was also a good photographer. i'm pretty damn picky, and i definitely get something from his images. . . a sense of looking, intuitiveness, pause. it's just sad.

get yer Daily Dose right here. be warned, not for people already suffering from depression or having thoughts about moving to canada.



Buck 65 is one of the most interesting things happening in hip-hop. he is a lanky white boy hailing from the great white north (canada). he has a uniquely appealing voice and a rambling, rolling, stream-of-consciousness lyrical style. his subjects range from roaming the open highways in a beat-up truck with a beat-up dog wondering what heaven will be like. . . to saying he'd rather read the pages of the bible than use them to roll joints, while giving a shout-out to David Lynch in the same verse. his beats are more subtle than most hip-hop, but more importantly they are more delicate. This track comes from his 2003 release "Talkin' Honky Blues." i guess you could call him the cowboy of hip-hop (no not that Cowboy). i was introduced to Buck 65 in 2002 on my first visit to vancouver. i was pretty impressed, but his stuff proved pretty hard to track down when i got back to the states. nowadays he is popping up here and there (although, signing to Warner couldn't have hurt) and has a nicely established web presence. so go buy his new album, seriously. . . you won't be sorry. if you're going to support artists, why not make it a really talented and very deserving one?

• Buck 65 - Wicked And Weird (psssst. . . there's banjo in there!)

go here to stream tracks from his new album.

buy music, especially independent.

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