my cover from this Mixtrade thing i participated in. i'm still waiting on the mixes i am supposed to receive, though. . .

man, some people try so hard. and some people try even harder. i guess that has to count for something, right? the new digital path to anonymous immortality?

and this is probably not of interest to anyone, but i had the weirdest experience last night with car trouble, a tow truck guy, and a bum that couldn't decide if he was helping us, asking for money (to get on the Long Island railroad, no less), or trying to sell us this HUGE black tarp that was spilling out of his ghetto cart. it doesn't sound that unusual, but it just was. i think mainly due to the fact that none of the players acted the way you would expect, and that the bum was really good with cars, and possibly the most polite person who has ever asked me for anything. . . just when you think you've got it down, brooklyn throws you a curve just to let you know who's in charge. gotta love it.



does picking up a free cd from the Vice store count as sponsorship? i didn't think so either. High On Fire might not be Mastodon (responsible for "Leviathan," probably one of the biggest metal albums to happen in the past decade), however the two bands do happen to be buddies. . . and this track has got plenty of burnin'-fingertipped guitar to go around.

• High On Fire - Devilution (shhhhh, your ears are bleeding.)

buy music, especially independent.


  1. oh god. those pictures. *covers eyes*

  2. can't see the the mixtrade cover. boo.

  3. i have no idea why the image isn't showing up in internet explorer. . . but it works just fine in every other browser. so try another (ie. better) browser like mozilla/firefox. . . sorry 'bout that kids.

  4. bummer.
    will try a diff browser.