okay, this is one of the most interesting things i have seen in a long time, a blog from a girl living in Iraq. i think this should be required reading for every single american.

"Rap Snacks" nothin'. . . how about Dead Rapper Pez Dispensers? yes, i did just say that.

and apparently now the "blood is the new black" girl (see previous post for history) is up to the level of an mtv music video short.

Fischerspooner dropped the ball with their new video, sorry guys, this one ain't gonna be showin' at Deitch. (via Them Finest)



Ol' Dirty Bastard. . . i would dare say that he defined "crazy m-f'er." unfortunately he died in november (white lines. . . don't do it). my brooklyn college experience will forever be cemented in his music blasting at crazy-hot-dirty-sweaty-crowded-spilling-out-the-door booty-dance-parties in tiny little shit apartments that were perfect since they were trashed to begin with. his first posthumous release is "Osirus". it's just what you would hope for and expect. . . now when is that Pez guy gonna get on the ODB Pez head?

• Ol' Dirty Bastard - Dirty Dirty

• Ol' Dirty Bastard - Rahzel Skit 2

buy music, especially independent.


  1. first urban outfitters and now mtv, is anyone surprised? it's funny to see her bragging about it in her live journal.
    oh yeah, those diplo songs were rad.

  2. ...i wouldn't worry...she'll have one hell of a look on her face when at her death knell she tastes that bitter glob of fraud that's finally made it's way up into the back of her throat...pjh

  3. on the live journal front, did you ever see this:?

    i dunno about tod doing it for "some time" before you trademarked it. probably like a month or two before but, in all honesty, i *live* in nyc and do grafitti and never even saw it around so it wasn't some neck face shit or anything. i think he's being a tad self important. i like tod, and he's a nice dude, but he's not on wooster collective or really known for that phrase or any of his tags."

    it's a freakin' laugh riot. she *does* grafitti? ahahahahaahaahaaha. funny how she knew about you having the name "a month or two" before but it never stopped her from jacking it.

    that keren richter girl is one of the biggest rip off artists of our generation, for real. in so many ways.people have to get wise to her bait and switch some day but i'm sure her 15 minutes are up anyway, so whatever.

  4. okay so i didn't know that you had to be an international art star (aka neckface) or supported by the nice folks over in soho to be considered "up" in nyc. in fact i never thought of wooster collective as a fan of scribbly tags anyway. . . i'll actually be going over to see marc and sara on thursday, maybe see you there, "anonymous?"


  5. these comments are really confusing. is anonymous really thinking that being on wooster makes you actually exist? furthermore, i don't think either keren or tod ever meant to do graffiti, so it's sort of an absurd comparison. don't you think?

  6. looks to me like *anonymous* was in fact quoting ms. richter who does in fact seem to think that being on wooster is allimportant to being and also quoting her claiming to *do* grafitti, which is, i think we all agree, absurd.