some good brooklyn house shows this weekend. . . so good that windows were not the only thing that got broken. but what is up with bodega owners turning down $20 bills? i had that happen three times in two days! do i fit some sort of "counterfeiter profile" that i am unaware of?

so one of the Double Dagger kids sent this my way. . . sounds pretty good.

Open Call for a Button Art Show.

Please donate buttons for a button art show.  We are currently seeking any and all buttons ranging from art buttons to punk rock bands to political buttons and beyond. This show is a study in the culture and functions of buttons and is meant to be a permanent collection for these typically throw-away objects. In the final show a wide range of buttons will be displayed representing a  collection of what people wear and stand for.

The first buttons were made when George Washington was president in 1798. They were clothing buttons made out of brass with a slogan "G.W. - Long Live the President". Clothing button continued and the general public would wear buttons with their heros at the present times. 1860 Elections buttons started using tintype of the ferrotype photo process. The image of Abraham Lincoln was on the buttons and people who lived far from Washington DC could see the candidate for President. In about 1896 Whitehead and Hoag Company made four-piece buttons that were able to have printed material or photographs with a piece of celluloid to protect it. There have been different variations of the buttons in the last 100 years.

This show will be a permanent traveling exhibit, starting in Baltimore, Maryland this fall. Buttons can be hand made, bootleg, found, express political views, weird art, or other. You can send as many buttons as you want. Please note that buttons will not be returned, and will be permanently accessioned into this traveling collection. Please include your contact info and any credit information you may have along with your button submissions.

Please send Buttons! As soon as you can!

Ryan Compton
309 E Federal St. Studio 501a
Baltimore MD 21202

If you have any question please email me at filtrum78@hotmail.com
Since this will be a permanent travelling exhibit, we are currently looking for spaces around the country and world to exhibit the collection as it grows passes around. Please contact the curator if you know of a space interested in hosting this show.

Tell all your friends!



so apparently this is some "rare" Franz Fredinand, from their long-time-in-coming next album. i like the song, so here you go, for whatever it's worth. . .

• Franz Ferdinand - Can't Stop Feeling

buy music, especially independent.

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