drawing by kyle.

another great opening/show at my friends gallery/store (of handmade good things) in williamsburg.

I Find You:
a gathering of drawings by Cinders
Opening on Friday, February 11th 2005, 7-11pm
Runs Thru March 6th

I Find You is a group show celebrating the age-old artist activity of drawing. In a time when the world is growing more virtual and digital by the second, traces of the unsteady human hand are vastly becoming extinct and resolutely, they feel all the more vital right now. Those squiggly lines can sometimes reveal emotion with a warmth that differs from the coldness inherit in technology. Cinders Gallery is driven to help keep the importance of the handmade relevant in the public eye. I Find You is one testimonial containing drawings from a community of artists that breach a variety of facets of the human condition. All of the drawings allude to a story and most embrace a child-like aesthetic. The work ranges from Souther Salazar's fantastical, enveloping, intricate worlds of play to Diane Barcelowsky's subtle disturbing scenarios to Royal Art Lodge's clever juxtaposition between image and text to Kyle Field's depiction of tender and sad moments.

Featuring :
Anders Nilsen, Stephanie Hutin, Flo Zavala, Aron Wahl, Jen Kelly, Lauren Luloff, Royal Art Lodge, Jason McClean, Jeff Holiday, Allyson Mellberg, Jeremy Taylor, Chris Pearce, Frankie Martin, Matt Furie, Souther Salazar, Kelie Bowman, Ron Rege Jr, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, George Ferrandi, Tunde Adebimpe, Sto, Alex Barry, Mark Delong, Diane Barcelowsky, Rob Halverson, Kyle Field, Logan MacDonald, Summer Deaver, Mike Geary, Johnerick Lawson, and Suzy Coady.

103 Havemeyer st.
btwn Grand and Hope st.
Williamsburg Brooklyn
Hours: Weds-Fri 2pm-9pm, Sat & Sun Noon-9pm

* After party at M (basement) down the street on Havemeyer. Porkchop from Black Label will be DJ-ing.



damn that ODB from yesterday is good. . . i've been listening to it all day/night. so as not to let the ball drop, here are 2 tracks off the somewhat new Diplo album, "Florida." it is a LOT more mellow than previous Diplo/Hollertronix efforts. more natural ambience, more contemplation, more chill (more DJ Shadow, gotta say it). the tracks i'm posting are two of the select few that actually feature vocals (by Sandra Melody, Jamaica's Vybz/Vibez Cartel and Brazil's Pantera Os Danadinhos in the first track; and the Brit Martina Topley-Bird on "Into The Sun"). so admittedly, they are probably not a good representation of the album as a whole (but that's just more incentive to go buy it, now isn't it?). if murky swamps were comfortable to relax in, this is what they'd sound like.

• Diplo - Diplo Rhythm

• Diplo - Into The Sun

buy music, especially independent.


  1. 'Tanks for the Diplo. I hate art, h a t e, but that pic is pretty nice as long as I don't look at it too hard. Oh and the hate? That's what art school and LA galleries did to this pig.

  2. thanks for the Diplo mp3s, I posted about the tune Diplo feat. Pantera Os Danadinhos - Percao on my blog, and linked back to you

    cheers, hobbsy