remember back in the day? remember the crazy boogie-down-bronx? remember flat tops? remember when rap wasn't only about killing people and money? well, i don't. i was like 2 at the time. but here's something that does. . . Rappcats. and some pretty nice/funny drawings over at You Yes You.

both via Nick over at Catchdubs



man, i got myself a little birdie who keeps slippin' me these crazy gems that i just have to share. This is Aerial M, otherwise known as Papa M, covering one of my favorite bands to hear covered (The Misfits). Mr. M has been around. . . in addition to being the guitarist for Slint, he has also joined Will Oldham as one of the Palace Brothers, played bass in Tortoise, and toured with Stereolab. not too shabby for an under-thirty-something ex-metal head.

• Aerial M - Last Caress

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