this is bad-ass, but only for the hard and hearty. . .

Idiotarod (saturday)

The Iditarod is the famous long-distance race in which yelping dogs tow a sled across Alaska. Our Idiotarod is pretty much the same thing, except that instead of dogs, it's people, instead of sleds, it's shopping carts, and instead of Alaska it's New York City.

The race starts in Brooklyn, runs into Manhattan, and ends approximately four miles later. Teams of five will race for a cash prize. And glory. Anyone can race. This year, we have 40 teams pre-registered -- 200 runners -- and expect even more.

The rolling pageant and grueling endurance race will happen rain or shine, blizzard or breeze. Runners are encouraged to costume their teams; best in show wins a cash prize.

A lot more information can be found on the website below.

Starting Line: Fulton Ferry Landing Pier, between Old Fulton and Water streets, Brooklyn
2p registration, 2:30p race; $5 per person entry fee
jstark@nonsensenyc.com for registration


Freeze Tag on Wall Street (sunday)

Fight the yearly hibernation inclination of January in New York. The Inaugural statue of General George Washington will be home base, the triangle between the Old U.S. Customs House, The Stock Exchange and the Bank of J.P. Morgan will be the playing field, and you (if you're lucky) will be it. No tag-backs, white magic, black magic, get off my apple tree tricks, chains, or chainsaws allowed. However, cleverly concealed flasks of firewater will be applauded.

Wall and Broad streets, Manhattan
4,5 trains to Wall Street
12:30-1:30p; $free

aww man, i miss the good ol' days.



okay okay, so i may have given the impression that i don't like Bright Eyes. which is not true. i don't see why everyone is wetting themselves over him, but that doesn't mean i dislike his music. the first time i bought one of his albums was at a More Than Music Festival in columbus, ohio. i remember asking one of the guys from The Faint (who was manning the merch table) which was the best Bright Eyes album. he pointed to one and told me it had just come out and was by far the best, it was "Fever And Mirrors." he seemed so confident about it i didn't even think twice. it was a great album, and i still enjoy it.
so to prove that i am not a hater, i gave "Digital Ash, Digital Urn" a few more listens. . . determined to find the best track on it. and i did. here's track #4, "Down A Rabbit Hole." definitely the most interesting musically speaking. but wait it doesn't stop there. i'm also posting another track from his other new release "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning." musically it doesn't do much for me, but how often do you hear a song romanticizing protesters clashing with police? (well, aside from the Le Tigre track i posted a while ago, sort of.) gets points there for originality and timely significance, definitely.

• Bright Eyes - Down A Rabbit Hole

• Bright Eyes - Old Soul Song (For The New World Order)

buy music, especially independent.


  1. your down a rabbit hole link does not work.

  2. Yes, that track is over two years old. It has been removed from the server. Check the date of the post before you go complaining.