flyer for the next opening at my friend's space in brooklyn.

The Third Leg presents "Glorious Holes"
Ginger Brooks Takahashi (NYC), Logan MacDonald (Montreal), and Onya Hogan-Finlay (Montreal)
Opening Reception is Friday, January 28th 7pm-11pm
at Cinders Gallery
103 Havemeyer Street
Between Hope & Grand
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Wed- Fri 2pm to 9pm, Sat and Sun Noon to 9pm

you can read a review of the last show they had in NY Arts Magazine.

so i just discovered that it is really hard to type, fold paper airplanes, and eat grapefruit all at the same time. . . i guess my job isn't so bad sometimes. now if they would only switch the coffee to chai tea, i'd be set.

and holy wow. feel the (self-righteous) fire comin' outta this one.



so i've been taking some heat for not liking the popular-media-culture-it-boy-of-the-moment Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes (how many magazines has he been in this month?). i don't mind melancholy, but suicidally-sad and slightly off-key at the same time seems a bit much most of the time. or perhaps try this analogy: the movies "Requiem For A Dream" VS "Amores Perros." "Requiem" took you and just broke you and left you crying on the floor. "Amores Perros" took you, broke you, and then picked you back up again and helped you find the door so you could go on and live with the experience. both are rough, but only the latter offers catharsis (and therefore is more worthwhile). anything that just tears you down and leaves you definitely loses appeal pretty quickly. anyway, so check the two tracks below, they are from the forthcoming Crooked Fingers (a.k.a. a good Conor alternative) release "Dignity And Shame." i really just couldn't pick one.

• Crooked Fingers - Destroyer

• Crooked Fingers - You Must Build A Fire

buy music, especially independent.

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