damn it's m-fckn cold here. i hate riding my bike to work and getting icicles on my face.



a friend over at Hollertronix sent this my way. Lowbudget is half of this dazzling dj duo (and i mean that with the utmost sincerity). his partner Diplo has been doing some pretty crazy stuff, including mixing up Baile funk from Rio ("Favela on Blast"). i'm still feelin' that one out. not only are these guys the best djs outside of Black Label, but i got to watch that brat Hilton make an ass of herself the last time i went to see them. too bad her security had my number when i kept trying to get a photo. anyway this is the mix description straight from the source: "It's adult contemporary meets crunk and Clasic Rock reggae(Aren't I so weird and creative ! WOW!). But mostly it new hip hop (Luda, T.I., Cassidy, Snoop)." what's not to like?

• Lowbudget - January Mix (54 MB!)

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  1. It's cold here too. Last night it got down to 40 degrees!