man people are grumpy in nyc. walkin' through union square yesterday it was like the parade of the sour pusses. and the weather wasn't even bad or anything. it just seems to me that if living here makes you so pissed off, why not move? it's not like it's more expensive to live outside of nyc or anything. of course this simply reiterates what i ask myself every morning when i get up. . . but that's a whole other issue. if nothing else, outside nyc you would occasionally see something stunningly beautiful like an ice-covered tree. . . that alone definitely makes getting up in the morning worth it.



so when the first album by The Kills came out, i liked it, quite a bit. i wasn't totally blown out of my discount sneakers, but it was really enjoyable. well this track is off their new album, and if it's any indication. . . i need to go get me some extra sneakers. if you don't like this, write me and tell me why. there must be something wrong with you, and i would like to try and understand your problems.

• The Kills - At The Back Of The Shell

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  1. what a gorgeous tree. i am so jealous...