i met this guy on the bowery one night. he had interesting theories about how you can become invisible if you find the right balance between not caring to be seen, and people not wanting to see you. . . he then pulled his sheet over himself, and found somewhere in between.



i had previously mentioned that there are some good alternatives to Bright Eyes, for when you're feelin' the melancholy. . . like watchin' the rain fall as a little old homeless lady wrapped in garbage bags picks through the trash while a well-dressed young couple hops out of a cab next to her and makes a joke about how they didn't tip the cabby before dashing into some swanky bar. so here are some of my favorite tracks by Papa M. i have been a fan for a while, but when i was at my 18 year old cousin's funeral a year ago, i remembered that our last conversation had been about how much she liked Papa M. so i guess you could say that has added a particular element to my affinity for his music.

• Papa M - Over Jordan

• Papa M - The Unquiet Grave

buy music, especially independent.

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