i fought germany. . . and germany won. you will be missed, even if i can always find you in magazines.



so i just saw the movie Garden State it for the first time last night. i remember there was a lot of buzz surrounding this movie because of the "super-indie" soundtrack (which is good, if you're driving through the suburbs in a spring rainfall, i suppose). i couldn't quite figure out why i liked the movie so much, but it just seemed so much more believable and sincere than most "mainstream" releases. especially the characters. i mentioned it to my roommate and he agreed, saying something like, "you're watching it and it's like: yeah i know that girl. . . i've met a girl just like her before." although the ending did feel a bit forced. anyway, this track is from the soundtrack and it fits very well with the farewell from my weekend. . . at least when i played it for her she liked it. classical musicians can be really tough to please with "popular" music.

• Colin Hay - I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

buy music, especially independent.

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  1. this song is beautiful, so is the lady.
    sorry to hear you had to say goodbye.