this is my dad, in his pajamas. he was telling a story about how he tried to fly when he was little. . . he and his friend skippy had just seen "Peter Pan." my dad was nice enough to let skippy go first, of course. you can really get hurt jumping off a roof, even if you used "pixie dust" (ie. dirt) beforehand.



I've been sittin' on this one way too long. Shystie is a female MC hailing out of the british garage scene. her voice just rips out and bites you on your ass. . . and she don't let go until she's good and ready. i'm not going to get into what exactly the garage/grime/eski scene is, but if you're feelin' the likes of Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, etc. this is for you.
* for further reading on this subject, go to silverdollarcircle and this entry on Gutterbreakz.

• Shystie - P. P. Stealer

• Dizzee Rascal - Dream (video) [real player hi] [real player lo]

probably the best music video i saw all last year, of course that means it's the best out of about 20 or 30. take that as you will.

buy music, especially independent.

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  1. this is my dad, in his pajamas.

    Oh, I thought those were his work clothes. And you didn't mention that it's four in the afternoon.