did you know that williamsburg, brooklyn is soon going to resemble the swanky battery city park? yep it's true, gated high-rises, beautiful waterfront, spacious parks, and roving security with tranquilizer guns in case any "undesirables" get through the perimeter (okay, i made the last one up. . . it'll just be the nypd with tasers). of course people are opposing this plan, asking for the standard % of "affordable housing'. . . but c'mon, this is nyc, not candyland. afterall if 111 First St. could be bullied and burned (arsoned isn't a verb) out of the hands of jersey city and the preservation society, what chance do you think the williamsburg waterfront has? i have a feeling bushwick is gonna start getting really crowded soon. below are some links and quotes from other sources, if you live anywhere near williamsburg (greenpoint, i'm lookin' at you) this is pretty damn important.

"The evil Doctor Yes, (Bloomie's head of Development, Dan Doctoroff) is coming to raise your rents and force all the non-yuppies to move out to Canarsie! His evil plan is to rezone the Williamsburg waterfront to build an Evil Spire of Doom (luxury condos) that will tower 40 floors in to the air. The rest of the neighborhood will fall into an age of shadow and darkness 'neath the bulk of these Imposing Towers of Babel."

"The city's plan will bring 40,000 new yuppies to W'Burg, without adding low-income housing, or a height cap on the luxury waterfront condo high-rise, or re-opening the firehouse, or increasing L train service, or providing access to the waterfront, or adding green space to a community that has almost none to speak of."

"What is truly spectacular is that if you look at the city's "illustrative renderings" like these. they show all this open space with the very edge of a building at the edge of the image. And how big is that building? Well gosh, you can't tell. Because they don't show the tops of the buildings TOWERING over all of Greenpoint. The image wouldn't be big enough. This plan is such a grotesque money grab it isn't even funny. If you want to see what's going to happen once the plan is a proved, take a look at this virtual tour (caution: may cause nausea and or vomiting).

Originally the city swore the public would have access to the waterfront and moderate income housing as part of Shaefer Landing. But instead actually offers one bedroom apartments for $500,000, which might be a bargain for the "new williamsburg" but is waaaaay out of reach for a normal middle income family. Put 20% down and you are paying $2500 a month for a one bedroom apartment. Which is not moderate. Moreover, they seem to be selling spaces in a fully gated community (ie. no public access to the waterfront) with a water taxi stop so you never have to actually set foot in foul Brooklyn."

Shaefer Landing



okay, back to the music. so Bright Eyes is coming out with 2 new albums this month. i've had "Digital Ash, Digital Urn" for a bit, not really feeling it i have to say. this track comes from the other new album "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" and it's also being released as a single. it's nothing amazing, but better than "Digial Ash." the two albums are apparently supposed to represent differenct aspects of his music. i don't know, seems like Conor has been trying, but just can't top "Fever And Mirrors." but anyway, here's a little sneak preview for ya. . . enjoy.

• Bright Eyes - Lua

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  1. wow, that's pretty frightening. gated communities (can you call those high rise buildings a community?) in brooklyn... jaw dropping.

  2. Arsonated? Arsonized? Arsed? Fired-up? Set ablaze.