Death From Above 1979 cancelled their show last night. i am seriously cursed. fun show at Todd P.'s new space tonight though (on metropolitan, near kent ave, in williamsburg).

FRI 1/28 @ Nameless Space = NE Corner of Metropolitan & River St - River St door | WLMSBRG, BKLYN
L - Bedford / G - Metropolitan / JM - Marcy | 8pm | all ages + booze

--> OCS (John Dwyer from Coachwhips)
----> Black Lights (Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio)
------> Lichens
--------> Kim & Matt

and this is funny.



i have to admit it, Vice Records might be the best label around right now. they just (wisely) added Bloc Party to their impressive roster. i'm still kicking myself for missing their show at the Tribeca Grand a while back. now if only the magazine would finally make good on that subscription they owe me. . . no more tidbits for you jesse (i'm holdin' out on the chocolate ass-shaped candy modeled after super models' buttocks).

• Bloc Party - Banquet

• Bloc Party - Little Thoughts video [real player]

some videos from The Streets courtesy of Vice.

• The Streets - Could Well Be In (video) [realplayer]
[windows - 100k] [windows - 300k] [windows - 450k]
[quicktime - 100k] [quicktime - 300k] [quicktime - 450k]

• Demon, Bruza, Kano and D Double E - Get Out Of My House (video) [realplayer]
[windows - 100k] [windows - 300k] [windows - 450k]
[quicktime - 100k] [quicktime - 300k] [quicktime - 450k]

buy music, especially independent.


  1. Do you really like the Streets? He's a very polarizing figure in rap music to say the least. I've just never been able to figure out what attracts people to his sound.

    p.s. thanks for allowing non-blogger© users to post.

  2. yeah i like his stuff. it's different and refreshing, even if it has a limited range of where it can go. and i have to admit that i am a big fan of any rap music that's not about drugs, murder, being better than everyone else, and abusing women. . . and sometimes that makes it a bit tough.