one hell of a weekend. saw the sunrise two days in a row. . . and now it's monday and i feel like i have been kept in the attic in a plastic bag filled with styrofoam peanuts all year. details forthcoming.



i just got some new stuff from another favorite east coast act of mine. The Apes are a truly infectious psyche-rock troupe out of DC. they seem to get press here and there (and they did just tour in europe, i think), but somehow no one i know seems to be clued in on this tip. regardless, when i saw them with The Liars, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Tunnel Of Love in an abandoned auto shop back years ago, i was blown away. if you can hold your own on a bill with those 3 other bands, that's gotta be something (although, it was the OLD Liars. . . so ya know). i played their new album for my hard-to-phase roommate and he was duly impressed (by the cover art, as well). this track isn't available on any of their albums, it was released on a compilation cd that came with Sound Collector (issue #7, with photo of the Microphones by me). it's still one of my favorite tracks, and may soon be one of yours.

• The Apes - The White Tower

more Apes mp3s here.

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