had another shoot last night. down on the waterfront. at night. it was 24 degrees but felt like 15 (according to the radio). i lost feeling in my feet and was limping around in under thirty minutes. but poor Leon, he had to stand there in nothing but a sport coat and bandana (and yes, he had pants on). he was shaking pretty uncontrollably by the time we finished, over an hour later. what we do for art, or well more like publicity in this case. now i understand how Fletcher got bruised lungs from biking home in his underwear (careful making bets when its below freezing out there folks).



a little more xmas for you kiddies. make sure to swing by More Cowbell and pick up his Indie Xmas Mix along with the rare Arcade Fire Xmas tracks (bit torrent required). i must admit i wasn't too psyched on the Arcade Fire xmas stuff, but since it seems like everyone is perpetually creaming their pants over this band no matter what they do. . . i'll just keep my trap shut.

• Bright Eyes - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

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  1. i love this pic... wish i could see it larger.


  2. the Arcade Fire christmas tracks are not very great, and i'm as big of Arcade Fire fanboy as there is :)

    they were recorded in 2002, when there were only 2 of the same members who are in the band today.

    if you've not heard Funeral, do yourself a favor, and if you have, then listen again :D