presented by The Moustache Riders

a benefit dance party to raise $ for the forthcoming Moustache Riders Calendar (yeah, it's gonna be hot, i know). DJs, booze, and girls that can move in ways that have been outlawed in 23 countries. preview projections of the photos from the calendar too.

this saturday (10 pm)
at Fun House (N. 4th between Bedford & Driggs)
$5 (it is a benefit afterall)

Moustache Riders



so Japanther and i have a bit of a history. i met Ian (the singing-drumming half) soon after he came to nyc when he moved in as my roommate ('98?). i subsequently ended up becoming a rabid fan of Japanther when they started destroying things years later. the shows on brooklyn street corners are still some of my favorites. i went on a few tours and documented them, you can see most of it here. unfortunately, you just can't leave your friend stranded in arizona, no matter how bad a day/week/tour you've been having. so that was pretty much that. but they're first album "South Of Northport" is by far one of my favorites and pretty damn close to a "perfect album" (you know what i mean). they have been very prolific with their releases (if not a bit scattered), but i still hold that their first is by far their best. even if the cover art and title of "Dump The Body In Rikki Lake" is the best/most appropriate i have ever seen. ever. so yeah. hate 'em, love 'em, it's all the same. show me another dance-punk band that has songs asking parents not to get a divorce or lyrics like "close your eyes, close your eyes, go to sleep, you're all so boring!" and i might be interested. maybe.

• Japanther - Pleased To Meet You

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  1. damn, that sounds like fun. wish their website had some mp3's...
    good dance music?
    -pixietart / http://jenene.org/live