anyone have an extra ticket or two for either SMOG show in nyc this weekend??? i'm so pissed i didn't get one in time. strangely the idea that SMOG would probably do a great version of Wham's "Last Christmas" just popped into my head. no idea why. . . i guess consider it a suggestion, Mr. Callahan.
ticket??? anyone??? c'mon!!! damn. . .



holy crap The Ramones are amazing. a perfect blend of punk and "holiday cues" (ie. jingling bells, etc). all those millions of pop-punk bands dropping holiday compilations one after another should listen to this and take notes. it's not much of an xmas song if it sounds exactly like every other song you've every recorded. you have to at least TRY a little bit kids, add a lil' something special into the mix. just putting the right lyrics to yet another jangly cord just really isn't enough. if i have to check the cd case to see if i put in the xmas compilation or the last Blink 182 album, something's not working.
and one more time, (if you haven't yet) head over to More Cowbell and pick up his Indie Xmas Mix (bit torrent required).

• The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)

buy music, especially independent.

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