photo by me. "CSS" drawing by Lovefoxxx.

so a bike messenger was killed yesterday morning when he was doored on 8th ave at 49th street. there will be a memorial ride today (friday, the 19th) at 6 pm at 49th and 8th ave. i know this is short notice, but if you have your bike in the city, try to be there. riding in the city is ridiculously dangerous, in a large part due to people's lack of consideration. i can't count the number of times i have narrowly dodged a door or in some cases even had to deflect it. studies have shown that with the increase of the number of bike riders, the number of accidents goes down. why? because people are more aware of the cyclists, so they are more careful. that is why group rides (yes, like Critical Mass) are so important. they turn the usual handful of delivery guys and messengers people are used to not noticing into a very obvious group. it gets a lot of people's attention, and in most cases that i have encountered, people are excited, surprised, and pleased by it. during the last critical mass (october), i was photographing people being arrested for riding their bikes. a large man (think "teamster" and you know what i mean) walked up to me and asked what was going on. i explained that every month there is a group bike ride for bike awareness and to promote alternatives to cars for transportation. however since august the police have been harassing the ride and arresting people. he then asked me "but what did they do to get arrested?" i replied, "rode their bikes in a group." he looked so pissed-off i was a bit surprised and even took a step back. he was swearing and muttering looking around at all the cops. then he paused, looked me straight in the face, and said "that's just really, really, sad." he walked away staring at the cops and shaking his head. the last time i saw someone that mad during a group bike ride was this bald guy who got out of his mercedes and was threatening to break people's necks for blocking his car. saying something like "yeah? call the cops! they'll thank me for breakin' your stupid neck! they'll probably help!" we seriously thought he was going to have a stroke right there. so i guess its nice to know that the sentiment at least goes both ways with non-bike riders. . . well, sometimes anyway.

i'm out of here for a week, no internets where i am headed. see you when i get back.



atlanta might be south of nyc (see previous post), but brazil is a hell of a lot farther down than that. haven't made it that far yet, but i'm workin' on it. one of the reasons for a trip to Sao Paulo is Cansei De Ser Sexy (Tired Of Being Sexy). i'm not exactly sure how to describe them, but i'll try anyway. think dancy-punky-shouty-electroish tracks that get you you to pogo as much as hump the person's leg next to you. . . in cute accented english from a cute (but edgy) little girl. i think they are blowing up in brazil, my friend was telling me about a show they played on mtv down there, and they've also been playing some of those big outdoor festivals with other big international acts. so who knows, you might be hearing them pop up in the US in the next few years. i'm not going to wait that long. . . i don't think they have an official release yet. these tracks are from a sample cd my friend sent me of what they had so far. i have no idea how "finished" they are, but they are great nonetheless. if you're not gettin' dirty, you're not having fun.

• Cansei De Ser Sexy - I Wanna Be Your J. Lo (MD On The Floor Version)

• Cansei De Ser Sexy - Hollywood (Electro Grunge Shit Version)

buy music, especially independent.


  1. How can I buy a CD from them?

  2. i don't know, actually. they don't have distribution outside brazil (yet). their finishing their new album this week. try emailing lovefoxxx

    lovefoxxx @ lovefoxxx . com

  3. felipe do monte11/20/2005 3:00 PM

    the cd is already avaible, full-length, with 14 tracks. at http://www.submarino.com.br

  4. I can't help but think of Hollywood Montrose, the flamboyant window dresser in "Mannequin 2: On the Move" after listening to that song "Hollywood".