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the Clare Rojas opening at Deitch was fun. it was pretty weird to see Lightning Bolt and not be trampled by a hundred rabid fans and debutantes slumming it for a laugh. not bad, but weird. . . like a dream, plausible yet somehow off.



as fall quickly slips away into winter, i thought i'd throw something up that seemed appropriate, at least on one level. . . my personal listening habits are severely seasonally driven. and although this is by far not a very "fall" song for me (more late spring/summer). the name alone gives me a good enough excuse, i think. !!! are a bunch of dudes who play some of the most interesting dance music out there. since it seems like every other new band popping, great as they may be, is hell bent on bringing dancing back to the indie/rock scene. . . i think it's important to note one of the bands that has been doing this since back when it was weird. "dance music? at an indie rock show? what the hell? are those really horns???" !!! have been around since 1996 and came to brooklyn by way of sacramento, although i think some of the members still reside on the sunnier coast. word is that they started as just a party band, and then kind of took off. some of !!!'s members also play in Outhud as well, another slightly-similarly-sounding band, but definitely not interchangeable by any means. i'm a big fan of !!!'s first album, and haven't quite gotten as hooked on their last one. Outhud's latest effort is pretty damn good and gets it's fair turn on my record player. this particular track is not my favorite off the first !!! album, but again, we're working with the song name here. . . so yeah, turn it on and whip yourself into a sweaty frenzy dancing like a maniac around your bedroom. !!! wouldn't want it any other way.

• !!! - Feel Good Hit Of The Fall

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