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not much to report this week, i have been in preproduction for a big complicated shoot on sunday. however i can say that the screening of "Super-Size Me" at Time's-Up last night was fun. and tonight there are some good things to check out.

-- November Show opening at Franklin Peppermint Gallery in Tribeca, 112 Franklin St.
-- "TGIF" party at Ghostown thrown by WOWCH. free booze, giveaways, and DJs from !!!, The Rapture, and Early Man. 335 Grand St. in williamsburg.



you've probably already come across this track somewhere in the mp3 blogosphere. . . but just in case you might have missed it, here's another chance. Definitely one of my top 10 tracks for the year. these guys hail from brooklyn. the whole album is killer, even if their music video is boring, go buy it.

• Ratatat - Seventeen Years

buy music, especially independent.

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  1. i definitely heard this song in a hummer commercial yesterday.