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below is a take on the election/post-election from someone that is/was definitely less politically opinionated than i am. and that's what makes what he has to say more interesting. if even your average non-political joe smells something rotten here, it's gotta be pretty bad. and on a side note, a lot of the "stories" i'd been hearing about "voting problems" are actually starting to surface in the mainstream news (see blake's #2). . . guess we're not always paranoid afterall.

and on his #5, i heard a personal story from someone this happened to in austin, TX.


Hey y'all. Blake here. If yer a friend, do me a favor and take five minutes to read this. It's not some forwarded junk. It's from me personally.

You all know me. I'm not terribly political. I like ice cream and internet poker. In December 2003, I didn't know who was running for president and didn't care. Politics is bullshit, and the only winners are the politicians themselves, I thought.

I felt our president's apparent lack of intelligence, class, and statesmanship was more of an embarassment to our nation than a threat. I credit my brother for getting me innarested. I decided to try Democracy for a year (as young people are wont to do). I stayed informed, registered to vote, gave money to John "Droopy Ass" Kerry and the Democratic Party on many occasions (even though I am not registered to any party), volunteered to phone bank and what not, and cast my vote in Queens on Tuesday.

When the results came in, I said: "Well, fuck this", enjoyed a day of nihilism, and went back to playing internet poker and not caring. Then I thought about something. If the fucking Boston Red Sox could do something that no team has ever done in baseball history, beating the Yankees in four straight games after being down 3-0, to go on and win their first World Series in 86 years, how could we as a nation not get rid of a president with a sub 50% approval rating, who was just barely elected the first time (maybe not at all depending on who you ask ), who even he would have to admit is hated by about half the nation, despite record breaking voter turnout? Curt Schilling is great, but not THAT great. You can feel it in the universe, it just doesn't quite add up. So here's some facts I learned in the past 24 hours I thought I'd pass on, some of them I already knew.

1. Wallace O' Dell, C.E.O. of Diebold, makers of the nation's electronic voting machines, is an open Bush supporter, has given massive amounts of money to his campaign, and has been QUOTED as saying he would 'deliver Ohio's electoral votes to George W. Bush'.

2. News reports today confirm that a county in Columbus, Ohio showed its county's votes as being divided up as 4,258 for Bush and 260 for Kerry when there are actually only 638 registered voters in the county. The actual number was closer to an even split for both.

3. Exit polls in Florida, Ohio, and New Mexico (states that all employed Diebold's machines) show an almost exact opposite advantage as the final votes reported (e.g. an exit poll might have showed Kerry 52% to Bush 47%, only to have the final vote come out opposite). While many of these exit polls were dismissed as inaccurate and without merit, most states' exit polls WERE accurate, and the supposedly inaccurate ones were nonetheless CHANGED at about 2am election night to reflect 'better accuracy' with the final vote.

4. Chuck Hagel became the first Republican Senator in Nebraska's history after his final act of business as the C.E.O. of his own electronic voting machine company: selling his machines to the state of Nebraska.

5. There have been numerous reports of people voting a straight democratic ticket on voting machines, only to have their votes come up for review showing the "Bush/Cheney" selected.

6. These machines have no paper trail, and have never been subjected to a single audit. A bill sponsored by New Jersey congressman Rush Holt to make it neccessary for them to have a paper trail, gained a majority of the house's support (that means Republicans and Democrats alike, dig?) but was never brought to a vote by Majority leader Tom Delay and speaker Denny Hastert.


If you are still my friend and any of this has had any impact on you, you should:

1. Please, please go to www.blackboxvoting.org (NOT ".COM"!!) They are trying to subpoena an audit for the machines, and are involved in the largest Freedom of Information act in history to get records, memos, transcripts, software info on these machines. They are trying to get hard evidence of voter fraud. Give them money if you feel like it. It's for truth, not politics, get it?

2. Write to the media and/or your congressperson. Try to get them to pick up the story. They've blown most evrything else (the media, not the congress people).

3. Fax Ralph Nader. If yer like me and you think Ralph is kinda a
silly little bastard, don't fret. This is the kinda stuff he does well and has built his name on. He is trying to organize a recount of New Hampshire on allegations of voter fraud. If that works, theoretically 34 states could follow. Fax him at: 202-265-0092. Write: "Ralph, please challenge the election results in New Hampshire now. (sign your name) Blackboxvoting.org, activist". You may wanna leave this one alone, you may not.

4. Forward this email to people you think are your friends and care what you have to say.

5. Raise hell. (???)

Notice that in all of this I haven't said John Kerry actually won.

Although I still believe he'd make the better president, his campaign wasn't great, he didn't seem to reach a lot of the common people of the nation, and if it comes out in the end that it was all legit, so be it. But as for now, millions of people have basically voted into outerspace, and wouldn't you rather know if America was invloved in the greatest fraud in the history of mankind?

A concession speech is not legally binding, and election results are challengeable up to 10 days after the election. If nothing's changed, that's when my faith in democracy (and yours too) should expire. We'll all hop on a nice, fucking upholstered bus to Vancouver and play some internet poker. Til then, try, okay?



in keeping with the theme, this is by far the best "protest song" i have heard to date. anyone know where they got their samples from? and who knew you could make angry chanting so rockin'?

• Le Tigre - New Kicks

buy music, especially independent.

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