hope you had a good turkey day. i enjoyed the warm weirdness that is south florida. trailer parks are really great for at least one thing. . . doing nothing. (although i did help my grandma clean out underneath the trailer and do some landscaping, so i wasn't totally lazy) but a boston market thanksgiving dinner does leave a little to be desired, i have to say.

Critical Mass rode on friday. it was another round of "cops-must-have-small-penises-to-be-such-big-dicks." although the tone was different this time. the usual route up to grand central was barricaded with the ever-popular orange netting. people were told that ANYONE riding in a group would be arrested, not just if they broke traffic laws. and arrests were made, after the ride broke up into smaller sections. the nypd officially declared the act of Critical Mass a sufficient crime for arrest and bicycle confiscation, even though this issue has already been through the courts and was decided in favor of the riders. just another example of how the nypd is above the law. the usual case of "who polices the police?" checks and balances my ass.



i usually don't go for Belle & Sebastian. way too limp for me. and when i am in the mood for that sort of thing, i tend to reach for the Serge Gainsbourge first. BUT this track caught me off guard and impressed the hell out of me. i understand better how they implement the huge array of instruments and musicians during their live shows. i don't know if B&S are turning it up a notch, or if this is just a happy lil' fluke. either way i am diggin' it.

• Belle & Sebastian - Your Cover's Blown

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