american's are stupid. . .


* [ i must apologize for the tardiness of this post. but after spending a good thirty minutes composing it yesterday, blogspot repeatedly refused to be accessed. so after multiple attempts in different browsers, my computer froze (Os X still sucks sometimes). so i attempted again once at home, to the same result. so below is a very abreviated version of the original, but whatcha gonna do? i actually have to do work at my job. anyway, just post-date this one day, and we're all back on track again. . . ]

the amazing stupidity of my fellow americans baffles the crap out of me. i guess we get what we deserve. america could easily be taken over by another country, if they just told us it was for our own protection.

to bad the rest of the world has to put up with all the fallout.

clinton lies about a blowjob, we almost impeach him. . .
bush lies about going to war, we re-elect him. . .

hey democrats: nice guys DO finish last.

how hard is it to immigrate to canada? no seriously, does anyone know?



so, as i was sitting at work wallowing in defeat, i was listening to this song (Cohen seemed appropriate for a day of doom). almost immediately, the lyrics synched with the reality going on outside. well, except for the part about "meeting people without your clothes." unless there's something going on that i don't know about. anyway. listen, think, enjoy.

• Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows

buy music, especially independent.

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