tricks, treats, and brooklyn beat-downs. . .


so i just found out tonight that a group of my friends got jumped, beaten, and shot at friday night. they were all riding their bikes together leaving a party in bushwick, heading down graham avenue in east williamsburg. for those of you who aren`t familiar, graham ave. is a huge street full of stores and is a main artery for the whole local community. it is often the only place where people are out at night in the area. apparently while they were riding, one of the girls fell and a group of about 20 guys who were just hanging out started harassing her, which escalated into a physically antagonizing her. the other people with her attempted to intervene and protect her. . .

long story short. a group of less than six was attacked by a group of twenty on a main brooklyn street. a metal chair was used as a weapon against the bike riders, cutting open one persons head so bad it required 18 staples. the guy i talked to that was there lost his front tooth when he was hit with the chair and had multiple wounds to the back of his head. the girl (along with the others) was also beaten while on the ground. it ended with the bike riders running to get away (leaving their bikes) and one of the thugs shooting at them at least twice.

do you want to know where the NYPD was during all of this? why no patrols came down this main street with multiple bars and consistent groups of guys just standing around all night?

they were busy arresting hippies and college kids for riding their bikes together at critical mass.



okay, so in case my tangent mislead you, i am a big fan of halloween and think it is by far the best holiday of the year. so i am going to post the most appropriate track i can think of (off the top if my head, anyway). this is Cradle Of Filth covering Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name." you want spooky? this is it. although not in that cheezy, moaning, haunted-house-soundtrack kind of spooky. more along the lines of screaming-while-ripping-out-your-intestines-to-some-serious-guitar-shredding kinda spooky. blast this out your windows and watch all the lil' trick-o'-treaters run for cover. except for that one lonely (slightly pudgy) little boy in his sad homemade grim reaper costume. he just stands there alone on the sidewalk and stares. there is a look in his eye that is only seen when someone experiences something that cracks the shell enclosing their previous understanding of the world they live in. and thus a fresh, young, fledgling metalhead is born.

• Cradle Of Filth - Hallowed Be Thy Name

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